Saturday, May 23, 2009

Circa La Playa

When Summer comes people flock to beaches to relax and take a dip to freshen from the heat of the sun. I love the waters and even if it's not summer I sometimes find time to go to different beaches or resorts with friends and family. I have been to Tambuli Resort/Cebu Beach Club, Tubod Flowing Waters, Ocean Pearl, Blue Reef and etc. Lately I discovered another place just about 30 minutes away from the City. The place actually looks like a private rest house with 2 pools just near the beach. It is located in Tungkil, Minglanilla, Cebu. We went there on a Monday so the place wasn't packed with beach goers. I have uploaded photos of the place so I could share it to the readers

You might want to inquire about the place, just try checking their website :

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Anonymous said...

yes its nice,been there...thous its just right beside our house..hehehe.

and its a great place to relax and have quality time with you and your family and what are you waiting a ticket and hop on now!!!hehehejoke2,just take a taxi and your good to go!!chilax!!!=P